2020 laws that give us hope for the year ahead

Bye forever, 2019. The start of our latest decade has already ushered in a slate of new laws that give us hope for rectifying some of the general chaos that was the 2010s. Of course, plenty remains unfixed. In Tennessee, for example, a new law makes it easier for people to get a concealed carry permit. 
As we forge ahead, though, here’s a recap of some of the new laws that are already brightening our new year. 
First, there’s a big win for the non-binary community: As of Jan. 1, residents of New Hampshire can now mark their sex on their driver’s licenses as X, instead of M (Male) or F (female), if they identify outside of the gender binary. Read more…More about Social Good, 2010s, Laws, New Year, and 2020

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If you want to drink more water, get a water bottle with a handle

“Drink more water” is a nice New Year’s resolution. It’s simple, it’s free, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to make you feel better. But if reaching constantly for your reusable water bottle — and it should be a reusable water bottle — isn’t already habit, you might want to buy a bottle that’s super easy to tote around. Like, literally tote. You should buy a water bottle with a handle or loop.
The big issue with drinking more water (for me, anyway) is remembering to do it. I like drinking water: It tastes like nothing, makes my mouth feel good, gives me the impression that my skin is in better condition than it actually is, and allows me to talk about hydration an amount that’s annoying to others and perfect to me. Unfortunately, I am also fundamentally lazy. In order to drink enough to experience these benefits, water must be immediately accessible to me at all times.  Read more…More about Hydration, Water Bottles, New Year S Resolution, Culture, and Work Life

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20 extremely simple New Year's resolutions that you can easily achieve

A lot of the time New Year’s resolutions are a bit too ambitious.
If you want to read 50 books or travel the world in the new year, go for it. But life is extremely chaotic, so this year I’ve decided to set far more realistic goals. Instead of setting out to do one huge thing in the new year, not getting around to it, and feeling like you’ve failed yourself, try making some extremely simple resolutions that’ll still make you feel great.
If you’re searching for the perfect resolution, here are 20 totally doable ones to consider. Most of our suggestions can even be completed in a single day, so you could probably go full-on overachiever and tackle all 20 with ease. Read more…More about Goals, New Year S Resolutions, Culture, and Other

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Disney+ video shows all that's coming in 2020 — including more 'The Mandalorian'

If you don’t have Disney+ are you really doing 2020 right? 
On Jan. 1, the streaming service dropped a  preview of the content it will release in the New Year. 
From the highly anticipated Lizzie McGuire reboot to The Mandalorian Season 2 to Marvel Studio’s first original series for the streamer The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, you’ll want to be glued to your TV throughout 2020. 
Catch up with everything that’s currently on Disney+ here.  Read more…
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'Friends' is off Netflix. Here's where you can still watch.

Welcome to a New Year and … no Friends on Netflix? 
Starting Jan. 1, if you’re in the U.S. you can no longer watch New York City’s most beloved fictitious friend group and listen to Phoebe’s smelly cat songs on Netflix. 
Instead you’ll have to buy (online or IRL) Friends DVDs and Blue-rays from sellers like Amazon, Walmart, and Target. You can also catch up (or let’s be honest, re-watch your favorite 10 episodes of Friends on loop) through online platforms like Amazon Video, Apple TV, Google Play, and Vudu.
Or (gasp!) you can actually watch episodes as they air regularly on networks such as TBS and Nickelodeon. It’s like going back in time! Read more…More about Entertainment, Netflix, Friends, Hbo Max, and Entertainment

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Free New Year's resolution idea: Learn to cook one new thing

New Year’s resolutions are generally a scourge, but if you must make one it’s best to choose something quantifiable. 
You could dream up a super broad goal with multiple phases, micro-goals to achieve your desired end. That would be fine. Or you could do something extremely easy, with only one step. You could cook one (1) new recipe.
Even experienced cooks have kitchen hang-ups. Some people are afraid to cook fish. Some have never mustered up the patience for soft scrambled eggs. Others are always jealous of their coworker’s expertly designed lunch salads but haven’t taken the plunge themselves. (Who has time to chop all that stuff, anyway?) A New Year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity to get rid of these hang-ups.  Read more…More about New Year S Eve, Resolutions, Holidays 2019, Culture, and Food

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