Year of the Tiger Overshadows the Olympic Panda

In Beijing, the Lunar New Year has been a bigger preoccupation for many residents, while others have gone back to their hometowns for the holiday. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Keith Bradsher Original Source: NY Times >>

Omicron Surge in Asia Restricts Travel for Lunar New Year

The Omicron variant has dampened the plans of tens of millions of people across several Asian countries to travel for the holiday. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Jin Yu Young Original Source: NY Times >>

‘Es como una limpieza’: la tradición de quemar años viejos

En algunas partes de América Latina, la quema de muñecos de trapo se utilizó para desechar de manera simbólica las aflicciones del año que terminaba. En estos días, no es raro ver a superhéroes o expresidentes en llamas. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Isabella Grullón Paz Original Source: NY Times >>

Another Covid Winter, but Our Quarantine Comforts No Longer Work

Americans have spared little expense over the past two years turning their homes into cozy havens. That doesn’t mean they want to spend another winter in them. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Ronda Kaysen Original Source: NY Times >>

Años Viejos: Torching the Old Year to Toast the New One

In parts of Latin America, the traditional burning of rag dolls was used to symbolically banish the woes of the year gone by. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see TV hosts and ex-presidents going up in flames. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Isabella Grullón Paz Original Source: NY Times >>

Tet Is Full of Traditions, but You Can Have It Your Way

Plenty of rule-bending and innovation has been brought to Vietnamese Lunar New Year feasts as the diaspora has grown. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Andrea Nguyen Original Source: NY Times >>

To Avoid an Outbreak, China Cancels Lunar New Year for Millions of Migrants

China has added restrictions, offered incentives and appealed to a sense of filial and national responsibility, in an effort to prevent about 300 million migrant workers from going home for the holiday. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Javier C. Hernández and Alexandra Stevenson Original Source: NY Times >>