It’s official: The best Netflix show you’re not watching is coming back on New Year’s Day, and now there’s a trailer for the third season, too. 
It’s time for you to start watching Lovesick. There are only two seasons, with 14 episodes, and each one’s around 25-30 minutes. Get it on it now. Here’s the deal:
The dumbest way to describe Lovesick is How I Met Your Mother, but British.
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Smarter way to describe it: It’s a show with a more sophisticated conceit than that—one that’s dedicated less to a cloying plot device (meant to extend the show into perpetuity forever and drive viewers insane), and instead one with a hilarious (but believable) plot device designed to elucidate poignancy where the agony and ecstasy of trying to negotiate a life between romanticism and reality is concerned. While also understanding all of the various ways your past relationships impact your present. And letting all of your exes know you might’ve given them an STD.  Read more…More about Netflix, Lovesick, Funny British Things, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows

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