50 TV shows you can binge from start to finish on a flight

You’ve booked your airfare, your bag is packed, now, you’ve just got to decide what you’re going to settle into during the flight.Long flights while travelling are the ultimate environment for binge-watching TV: meals and booze delivered right to your own personal little tray table, nowhere to be for hours but in your seat — …

11 TV shows we can't wait to watch this summer – and where to watch them

Summer is a season for being outside, but you can’t be in the sun all of the time. Imagine instead staying inside on a blistering June afternoon, lazing on a couch with air conditioning blasting at a responsibly comfortable temperature and a cold drink condensing within an easy reach. The TV is on, but instead …

From the U.S. to China: A 3-Month Quarantine Horror Story

A lawyer flew home to China hoping to see his family for the first time since the pandemic began. Instead, he was trapped in three months of quarantine. NYTimes New Year’s Eve https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/12/world/asia/china-covid-quarantine-shanghai.html Vivian Wang Original Source: NY Times >>

In the Foothills of Los Angeles, a Celebration of Renewal

The Opening Ceremony founders Humberto Leon and Carol Lim closed out Lunar New Year with a dinner among friends in the glow of a full moon. NYTimes New Year’s Eve https://www.nytimes.com/2022/03/08/t-magazine/opening-ceremony-dinner-los-angeles.html Esther Tseng Original Source: NY Times >>

'Euphoria' has a flashback problem

Season 2 of Euphoria is, in a word, frustrating.Excellent performances and a standout episode or two clash with absolutely baffling storytelling choices. Jules (Hunter Schafer) and Kat (Barbie Ferreira), both so integral to Season 1, are pushed to the side. Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) elevated importance is tainted by an uncomfortable (and unnecessary) amount of humiliation. …

'Starstruck' Season 2 will make you fall even harder for the millennial rom-com

What happens after a grand romantic gesture? After the big finale, now what? Do you sit in silence like the dentist’s aquarium fish in Finding Nemo once they’ve rolled to oceanic freedom (stay with me) or do you fill that awkwardness with so many activities you’ll never have to talk about what’s next?That’s where things …

Collateral Damage of China's Virus Policy: Fruit

The closure of Chinese land borders and the tightened screening of goods have driven Southeast Asian fruit farmers into debt. Many have had to abandon their harvest. NYTimes New Year’s Eve https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/05/world/asia/virus-vietnam-china-fruit.html Vo Kieu Bao Uyen, Sui-Lee Wee and Muktita Suhartono Original Source: NY Times >>

Year of the Tiger Overshadows the Olympic Panda

In Beijing, the Lunar New Year has been a bigger preoccupation for many residents, while others have gone back to their hometowns for the holiday. NYTimes New Year’s Eve https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/02/sports/olympics/lunar-new-year-olympics.html Keith Bradsher Original Source: NY Times >>