Adding a Wedding to the Highlight Reel

Andrea Masenda, who met Kevin Lo when both were working at ESPN, wasn’t sure she was on a first date, or even if she wanted to be. Mr. Lo had no such doubt. ______________________________________ NYTimes New Year’s Eve 1578700630 Original Source: NY Times >>

Resolving to Be Coached

The secret to sticking with your resolutions may be having a coach to help strategize and cheer you on. ______________________________________ NYTimes New Year’s Eve 1578437576 Original Source: NY Times >>

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

A meat-lovers guide to eating less meat. Dax Shepard is listening. Remembering David Stern. Martin Scorsese is letting go. And more. ______________________________________ NYTimes New Year’s Eve 1578175470 Original Source: NY Times >>