19 kissers who should've stayed home on New Year's Eve

In an attempt to ring in the new year, many go for the age-old tradition of accompanying the transition with a kiss
But unfortunately, the world is filled with awkward people unable to take a hint, suck face properly or understand that they’re just not that into you
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Here’s to 2016 — may all your awkward smooches be forgotten Read more…
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Monitoring of Terrorism Threats Has Risen, Official Says

As the new year approached on Thursday, the police in Munich evacuated two train stations and warned residents to avoid large groups, citing “concrete hints” about a possible attack.

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New Year’s Day Offers Plenty of Free Chances at a Clean Slate

Whether you’re hoping to improve your body or your mind — or just add to your cocktail conversation repertory — this weekend is full of events for self-improvement.

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Pope Francis Urges Overcoming ‘Indifference’ to Attain Peace

In his first message of 2016, he said that apathy “creates barriers, suspicions, fears and closure,” and he called on people to open their hearts to the needs of others.

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Try a smoky eye to ring in the new year with flair

Spice up your look with a dramatic smoky eye to celebrate the biggest night of the year.Read more about how to get this look: http://on.mash.to/1mqoZvG Read more…More about Fashion, How To, New Years Eve, Cosmetics, and Makeup

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London to deploy all armed police on New Year's Eve amid European terror threat

Every armed police officer in London will be deployed to help patrol New Year’s Eve celebrations, amid a warning that European capitals were at risk of a terror attack.
There was no specific information that London was being targeted.
“Our plans are purely precautionary and not as a result of any specific intelligence,” a Metropolitan Police spokesperson said.
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The Telegraph reported that Scotland Yard had canceled leave for more than 2,000 armed officers — the first time it has taken such a step for New Year. It has happened before for events such as the 2012 London Olympics. Read more…More about Uk, London, Police, Terror, and Us World

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Ring in 2016 with 7 New Year's Eve facts

Video: Alisa Stern

Every year, the world celebrates the new year as it slowly crosses each time zone.
But despite the collective celebration, many areas of the world hold their own traditions in ringing in the new year
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From Moscow to New York City, here are seven New Year’s Eve facts so that you can start off your new year with a little bit of knowledge
1. One million people gather in New York City’s Times Square to watch the ball drop. Nearly a billion others watch on TV.
Read more…2. In Scotland, a canon is fired in Edinburgh Castle at the stroke of midnight, followed by a large fireworks display.More about New Years Eve, Facts, Watercooler, Videos, and Ooyala Video Lead Template

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14 books to help you live your best damn life in 2016

The new year is almost here — and that means it’s time to set those absolutely unbreakable resolutions.
Whether you are making specific resolutions — such as going to the gym a few times a week — or more nebulous ones such as being “more grateful” in 2016, it’s important not to lose sight of the main goal: Living your best damn life.
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Luckily, there have been numerous books published on the subject. Here are 14 not-entirely-serious tomes that’ll teach you everything from being more frugal and calm to learning practical life skills — or, at least, give you a good laugh in the process Read more…More about Books, Advice, New Year, Resolutions, and Lifestyle

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New Year’s Eve Security Bolstered After Terrorist Attacks and Threats

New York, Paris, Brussels and other cities have increased police presences or scaled back festivities as the holiday unfolds in an atmosphere of heightened surveillance.

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50 Comics Walk Into a Club. No, You Haven’t Heard This One.

“50 First Jokes NYC” celebrates its 10th anniversary with a show at the Bell House in Brooklyn on Saturday, with 50 comedians trying for new laughs in the new year.

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