HBO’s Euphoria is back, and with it came a slew of fashion-forward TikToks. Other notable trends this week include drawing your face to a soothing indie song and admitting something to a soft “yeah.” And why aren’t you in uniform?Euphoria, the dizzying HBO teen drama starring Zendaya, is known for its edgy make-up and outrageous fashion. These students are walking to AP U.S. History dressed like they’re going to a rave! Scratch that: None of these characters are even in APUSH (except for maybe Lexi). The way the teens in Euphoria dress for class has long been fodder for internet jokes — and now it’s the blueprint for a TikTok trend.Videos to the trend all start with someone dressed plainly while the sound of squeaky footsteps plays. Then, the audio “and why aren’t you in uniform?!” appears, and the person walks off camera before reappearing in a Euphoria-inspired outfit. These TikToks are all captioned with some variation of “when you’re leaving for the bus but forget you go to euphoria high school.” The trend is hilarious because it grounds the absurd fashion of Euphoria in the mundanity of the modern high school experience, which only heightens the unrealistic nature of the ‘fits in Euphoria. Not to mention, the idea of “euphoria high school” is funny when you consider it actually has a name. (But don’t expect anyone to remember East Highland High.)The trend is also an opportunity for TikTok users to show off fun, vibrant outfits that they may not get to wear every day. The trend is the perfect combination of humor and glorious fashion moments. Take @kaceystarz’s video for example: The creator first walks out in a boring sweatshirt and jeans before re-entering in an iconic all-pink drag look. So far, the video has amassed over 1.5 million views and accumulated


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