A Memorial in Shanghai for Victims of Stampede

Friends and relatives of the victims were among those who came to bow, mourn and place flowers in Chen Yi Square, where scores of people were injured or crushed to death on New Year’s Eve.

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WhatsApp founder touts app's newest numbers: 700M monthly active users, 30B daily messages

There’s a lot of zeros in this story.
Jan Koum, the CEO and cofounder of WhatsApp, has rung in the new year with a Facebook post touting the messaging apps’ user numbers. WhatsApp now has 700 million monthly active users, up from 600 million at the end of August
Those users combine to send more than 30 billion daily messages. That’s more than four messages for every person on earth.
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Post by Jan Koum.
Facebook acquired the messaging app in February for a then shocking $16 billion (plus another $3 billion on stock incentives). Since then, the app has steadily added users, leading some to predict that it would top 1 billion faster than Facebook Read more…More about Facebook, Whatsapp, Business, and Messaging Apps

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When Celebrity Fortunetellers Talk, the Lebanese Listen

In a region where many governments criminalize divination, Lebanon stands apart for featuring its star soothsayers on New Year’s Eve, when they make predictions in TV specials.

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How to follow Mashable at CES 2015

The new year is upon us, which means tens of thousands of tech reporters, tech companies and tech lovers are making their annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas for the International CES. Taking place during the week of Jan. 5, the event enables startups and entrepreneurs from around the world to showcase their products to the public
CES is a nonstop whirlwind of tech news and product unveils that is impossible for people to follow on their own. To help you keep up with the most important information, Mashable will be on the ground to cut through the noise, and deliver timely updates.
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Sarah Palin blasts PETA over animal abuse accusations in epic rant

Former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin responded Saturday to PETA’s accusations of animal cruelty by going on offense against the animal rights group.
The accusations followed her Facebook post on New Year’s Day that featured a photo of her son, Trig, standing on top of the family dog (named Jill Hadassah) in order to help clean the dishes.
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Palin’s response starts off snarky, and proceeds into, well, attack dog territory pretty quickly
“Dear PETA, Chill. At least Trig didn’t eat the dog,” Palin wrote. She then proceeds to attack President Barack Obama for having “revealed he actually enjoyed eating dead dog meat.” Read more…More about Sarah Palin, Us World, Politics, and Us

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