Las dietas te hacen sentir mal. Mejor entrena tu cerebro para comer saludable

El nuevo desafío de Well te enseñará a modificar tus hábitos alimenticios sin hacer dieta. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Tara Parker-Pope Original Source: NY Times >>

Diets Make You Feel Bad. Try Training Your Brain for Healthy Eating Instead.

The new Eat Well Challenge will show you how to reshape your eating habits without dieting. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Tara Parker-Pope Original Source: NY Times >>

Free New Year's resolution idea: Learn to cook one new thing

New Year’s resolutions are generally a scourge, but if you must make one it’s best to choose something quantifiable.  You could dream up a super broad goal with multiple phases, micro-goals to achieve your desired end. That would be fine. Or you could do something extremely easy, with only one step. You could cook one …

No more standing on chairs: This app promises perfect food pics

If you’re using the Ludwig filter on those eggs benedict, there might be something more appetizing out there.  SEE ALSO: 5 apps to help you get through that New Year’s Day hangover Foodie, which Line Corporation released Feb. 2, is an entirely food-centric photo app. Though there are other food photo apps on the  market, this free …

The 100 best food pairings ever

The 100 best food pairings everWhen it comes to flavor, combination is everything. Two straightforward ingredients can become an entirely new, eye-opening dish. (Think about the first time you had a chocolate-covered pretzel and realized salty and sweet was the greatest thing on the planet.)This list — a compilation of exotic fare and basic duos …