In China, It’s Time to Splurge Again, and the Luxury Industry Is Relieved

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Flowers, Fresh Fish and Movies: China Is Spending Again, Cautiously

The outlook for the world’s second largest economy is brighter as consumer spending picked up after “zero Covid” was lifted. But scars remain from the harsh pandemic restrictions. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Keith Bradsher Original Source: NY Times >>

It’s as if Nothing Ever Happened Here in China

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China’s Covid Tsunami Recedes, Bringing Relief, Grief and Anxiety

Officials say an onslaught of infections has slowed, and many people seem eager to move on. But fresh flare-ups could bring more illness and deaths. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Chris Buckley and Amy Chang Chien Original Source: NY Times >>

Chinese Travel Is Set to Return. The Question Is, When?

The country has dropped restrictions on overseas journeys for its citizens, but once-popular destinations are still waiting for the flood of vacationers to arrive. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Ceylan Yeginsu and Patrick Scott Original Source: NY Times >>

The Victims and Suspects Are Asian American. The Crimes Are Something Else.

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The Indirect Ways the U.S. Can Help China Avoid Covid Catastrophe

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Your Monday Briefing: A Lunar New Year Shooting

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China Celebrates Lunar New Year After ‘Zero Covid’ With Caution

With strict Covid restrictions lifted weeks ahead of the country’s most important holiday, millions, joyful yet anxious, could finally travel and reunite with family. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Chang Che and John Liu Original Source: NY Times >>

Covid Workers in China Clash With Police Over Unpaid Wages, Layoffs

Companies that reaped windfalls helping the government implement strict ‘zero Covid’ controls are now struggling to pay and keep workers. NYTimes New Year’s Eve David Pierson, Keith Bradsher and Muyi Xiao Original Source: NY Times >>