It’s as if Nothing Ever Happened Here in China

China left its vulnerable people to fend for themselves in a deadly Covid outbreak. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Lucy Meng Original Source: NY Times >>

China’s Covid Tsunami Recedes, Bringing Relief, Grief and Anxiety

Officials say an onslaught of infections has slowed, and many people seem eager to move on. But fresh flare-ups could bring more illness and deaths. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Chris Buckley and Amy Chang Chien Original Source: NY Times >>

Your Monday Briefing: China Reopens

Also, Brazilians storm government offices and the Times investigates a 2021 Kabul airstrike. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Amelia Nierenberg Original Source: NY Times >>

Putin Prepares Russians for Long Fight Ahead

The Russian leader has dropped the pretense that life goes on as normal despite the war, evident in the Kremlin’s quick acknowledgment of mass casualties inflicted by Ukraine last weekend. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Anton Troianovski and Anatoly Kurmanaev Original Source: NY Times >>

A Laundry List of New Laws for the New Year

Gov. Kathy Hochul has issued a 12-page list of legislation that will take effect in 2023, including minimum wage raises and changes in how you can cast your ballot. NYTimes New Year’s Eve James Barron Original Source: NY Times >>

Jailed Putin Critics in Russia Offer New Year Messages

Seasonal greetings from imprisoned opponents offered counterprogramming of a sort to the traditional end-of-year speech from President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Anton Troianovski Original Source: NY Times >>

A New Mayor and a New Relationship Between City Hall and Albany

Unlike their feuding predecessors, Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul appear to be getting along. They have their reasons. NYTimes New Year’s Eve James Barron Original Source: NY Times >>

China’s First-Quarter Growth Is Expected to Boom on Paper

The world’s traditional growth engine reported an 18.3 percent leap in the first quarter. But consumers and small business aren’t fully sharing in the spoils. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Alexandra Stevenson and Cao Li Original Source: NY Times >>

Merkel Focuses Final New Year’s Speech on Coronavirus Pandemic

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who is expected to leave office in 2021, used her last New Year’s Eve speech to address the coronavirus pandemic and deliver a message of hope. NYTimes New Year’s Eve Reuters Original Source: NY Times >>