Seeking a Harmonious Life With Feng Shui

Experts say the energies and directions of feng shui, the ancient Chinese practice for optimizing the home, change yearly. ______________________________________ NYTimes New Year’s Eve 1553802184 Original Source: NY Times >>

Was John Mulaney's neighbor a cannibal? Pete Davidson and Jimmy Fallon try to guess.

Was John Mulaney’s neighbor arrested by the FBI for cannibalism? Did Pete Davidson go to Jamaica with Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels over New Year’s? See if you can guess what’s real and made-up, as the two comedians joined Jimmy Fallon for a game of “True Confessions” on The Tonight Show Thursday night.  The […]

FuckJerry stole celebrity photos to sell its tequila

FuckJerry continues to be FuckJerry.  The guys behind the viral Instagram leech that is @fuckjerry used celebrity photos and stolen memes to push their tequila brand. To promote Jaja Tequila, Spanish for “haha,” they posted edited images of Amy Poehler, Idris Elba, Will Smith, and other famous people to advertise their product, Vice reports.  SEE […]

Review: Death, Two Ways, at the New York Philharmonic

Vastly unalike, Tan Dun’s “Fire Ritual” and Brahms’s “A German Requiem” are both full of luminous color and reflect complex attitudes toward death. ______________________________________ NYTimes New Year’s Eve 1549676634 Original Source: NY Times >>

Pancakes in space? No that's just the mysterious MU69

It’s a strange little world. At 4 billion miles from Earth, MU69 (also nicknamed Ultima Thule) is the farthest-away object a human spacecraft has ever visited. For the past few years, scientists have labeled MU69 as an unknown, mysterious “puzzle.” After the 13-year-old New Horizons spacecraft eventually swooped by the frozen rock on New Years […]