My quest for a non-corny planner I'll actually want to use

Well, it’s eight days into the new year and I’m already dropping the ball on one of my resolutions: to start using a paper planner. It’s not for lack of initiative, either. I simply can’t find one that fits both my requirements, which are 1) not too expensive and 2) not ugly.
I loved using a paper planner in college, mostly because I didn’t have a smartphone and my laptop could only hold a charge for about an hour and a half. I usually opted for a spiral-bound paper option from Target, which was always both affordable and a little cutesier than I’d have preferred. They also came loose from their spiral bindings after only a few months. Read more…More about Lifestyle, Culture, and Work Life

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Yes, hackers might have your Apple ID, but don't stress too much

On the second day of 2020, awash in the possibilities of a new year — nay, decade — my iPhone pinged with a notification that came from out of the blue.
“Use this iPhone to reset your Apple ID password?” an official, gray Apple pop-up said beneath an exclamation point icon. I clicked on the notification and it asked if I wanted to “Allow” or “Don’t Allow.” 
Why was my phone trying to get me to reset my password? I hadn’t initiated anything, but this notification from Apple looked legit. 
Only two days into the new year, and it sure seemed like hackers were already trying to break into my Apple account.  Read more…More about Apple, Iphone, Hackers, Icloud, and Tech

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